Matching Activities Preschool and Kindergarten Printable Worksheets

matching activities preschool and toddlers filematching activities preschool and 3years old

Matching activities preschool and kindergarten printable worksheets are very suitable for pre-schoolers with teachers and parents' guidance. Toddlers of 3 years old in the nursery could also take part in this free activity with the guidance of the parents or tutors. In this matching activities preschool,  children will be able to recognize images of what they see at home or and in school. Items used in this worksheet includes dogs, houses, bones, cars, pencil, books, fruits such as apple and banana. All these items are in the form of a set, they are all grouped up for the kids to be able to match up the items, and link them to each other. For a printable and downloadable pdf version of this worksheet, click on the link and image on matching activities preschool and kindergarten printable worksheets.