Free shapes Flash Cards for Preschool Learning PDF


free printable shapes flash cards for kids

Free shapes Flash Cards for Preschool Learning download

Free shapes flash cards for preschool learning consist of several shapes cards resources for kids learning. Kids will be able to learn about shapes such as oval, triangle, pentagon, rectangle, Heart, Moon, Star, Smiley Face, Cross, Hexagon, Cylinder, Cube, Octagon, Diamond, Parallelogram, Frame, Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Sun, Lightning Bolt, Cloud, Plaque, all in different colors in flash cards formats. Children will be able to learn all kinds of shapes, retain them and practice them several times to be able to know them properly. These printable shapes flash cards can be used by teachers and parents to enable kids in preschool and kindergarten as well to learn about these different forms of shapes.  Click on each of the images or the main image to download the different shapes flash cards in printable pdf format for preschool learning.

Printable SHAPES FLASH CARDS with Colors- Heart, Moon, Star, Smiley Face Free Shapes flash cards with colors,oval,right-triangle,pentagon,rectangle SHAPES FLASH CARDS Cross, Hexagon, Cylinder, Cube printables SHAPES FLASH CARDS -Octagon, Diamond, Parallelogram,Frame for preschool SHAPES FLASH CARDS with Colors-Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle for kindergarten Printable SHAPES FLASH CARDS with Colors-Sun, Lightning Bolt, Cloud, Plaque for preschool learning